What is the purpose of the PaTH Publication Proposal Policy?

PCORI requires PaTH to report the status of all publications and/or presentations (i.e., in preparation to be submitted, submitted, accepted, rejected, in-press, and published).
This includes:
• Articles (lay press)
• Invited Talks
• Scientific Abstracts - requires PaTH approval
• Scientific Manuscripts - requires PaTH and PCORI approval

Who needs to submit PaTH Publication Proposal?

The lead author who is planning to prepare a publication using the PaTH Clinical Data Research Network must submit a PaTH Publication Proposal. This requirement does NOT include studies that have received additional funding PCORI outside of the PaTH Clinical Data Research Network funding (e.g., SAFE, TARGET, NEXT-D), but does include non-PCORI-funded studies that would not otherwise be reported to PCORI.


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