TL1 awards for 2024-2025 are dependent on the availability of institutional and/or NIH funds.

Deadline Extended

Complete and submit this application byMarch 15, 2024.

Completing the application

Your application will be reviewed by TL1 program training faculty using the NIH criteria for review of predoctoral fellowship applications. Final funding decisions are made by Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute's Executive Committee. The information contained in this application and your letters of support are the sole means of evaluation for the committee. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the application before beginning so that your responses are accurate and complete.

Please ensure that your completed application does not include any personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers.

You may periodically save your work and complete your application in more than one session.

Important: Write down the return code and use it to access your saved application. If you misplace your code or have other questions about the application, email Karen Shields at Do not start more than one application.

Documents uploaded to the application

You will be asked to upload the following individual files in PDF format on the last page of the application:

  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Graduate transcripts
  • Description of your research background and career goals (details provided in Part III of the application)
  • Research training plan (details provided in Part III of the application)
  • Commitment of Matching Funds form (available to download in Part IV of the application)

Documents sent to the TL1 program office

You will be asked to arrange for the documents listed below to be sent by the authors directly to Karen Shields at Please download, print and complete the Request for Recommendation Letter form (available in Part IV of the application) and give a copy of the completed request form to each individual providing a letter of recommendation.

  • Your faculty research adviser should send a letter of recommendation, copy of the completed request for the recommendation letter and NIH-style biosketch.
  • Another individual familiar with your qualifications should send a letter of recommendation and a copy of the completed request for the recommendation letter.

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